Outdoor Cottage Playhouse (A sure way to charm the kids)

Outdoor Cottage Playhouse (A sure way to charm the kids)

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outdoor cottage playhouse

A cottage playhouse is one of the most in demand style and theme of playhouses. There is a continuous patronage of a playhouse, cottage inspired one. Primarily, it doesn’t go out of style and it’s never outdated. In fact it becomes more beautiful the more it lasts! That is the secret of the staying power of a cottage playhouse.

There’s a long line-up of the different interpretations of an outdoor cottage playhouse. There will never be a shortage of these exquisite hand-crafted cottages.

What is extraordinarily special about cottage playhouses is they could come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and layout. 

The manufacturing companies in the playhouse industry have their wide variety of designs that everybody could choose from. This is your ultimate buying guide for your cottage playhouse hunting.

Little Tikes

Little Tikes Cape Cottage

This Little Tikes cape cottage playhouse is a contemporary styled one just right for toddlers. Its als lightweight and really looks like a small cottage house fitted for pretend play. All the doors and windows are functional. It comes with a mail slot and a flag holder. This cape cottage playhouse comes in three colors: Little tikes cottage playhouse in tan, little tikes cape cottage playhouse in red, and little tikes cape cottage playhouse in pink. We have a separate description for the pink one below. Very easy to move and it’s very flexible too.


Has a thick material of high-quality plastic

The doors and windows function smoothly

Has a classy over-all look

Easy to put together

It’s a great buy and worth your every penny


You need to check for not rounded plastic edges

Little Tikes Princess Cape Cottage Playhouse

This little tikes cottage playhouse in pink is a dream house for every young girl.

You can decorate it with girly stuff like a pink cushion chair, a pink rug, a stool and even a table. Put in some music or a cute lantern too! It’s the perfect little cottage playhouse for those cute little girls. Boys are also welcome in this cape cottage playhouse in pink! 


It’s easy to clean and maintain.

It can fit in four children

Made from durable materials

High enough even for a daddy’s height

It’s easy to assemble

It’s reasonably priced


Some might find it small

Little Tikes Victorian Play House

This Little tikes Victorian cottage playhouse has a large fenced patio to it. The gate has a swinging feature that kids would love. It got a refreshing look that features large mesh windows, a roll-up door and an awning for that needed shade. It’s a 4 ft. little tikes cottage playhouse in pink.


It’s portable

It was easy to put together.

It's lightweight

It’s super cute


The material is a little bit thin

Little Tikes Woodside Cottage Playhouse

Another cottage designed playhouse from Little Tikes. The little tikes woodside scottage playhouse is ideal for multi-play among kids. It’s large enough with those attractive working dutch door, and those windows with shutters that you one can open and close quite smoothly. An interesting feature is the lookout peepholes in it for the curious little fun loving kids.  This little tikes outdoor playhouse cinsists of five wood panels that are water resistant. The Chinese cedar wood material it’s been made of doesn’t need to be treated at all! It also contains a sink, a faucet and a molded-in stove top that has working knobs.



Attractive and has nice colors

Very easy to put together

A very nice and functional design


It’s currently unavailable but people are waiting for its comeback

Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

A little tikes patio cottage playhouse is one with a kitchenette with play burners, oven, cupboards, and even a fireplace. What’s nice too is it has two pull up chairs plus a table attached to it outside.  It has a window that can be used to take out or pass the meals to the outside picnic table. It also includes a purple tray cover for the basin to have that needed covering when not in use.


The picnic table and little benches are a real plus

It comes with an enchanted by the 6-tone doorbell

It has a pretend phone as an added accessory

It's still very durable

It can withstand the toughest kids


The plastic material seemed thinner 

After the little tikes company made playhouses, let’s carry on to another brand that carries a lot of these cottage playhouses.  Step 2 is another name you can depend on with regards to quality playhouses. Here’s some of their cottages you can consider purchasing.

Step 2

Step2 Charming Cottage Kids Playhouse

Starting with this Step 2 charming cottage kids playhouse. This charming playhouse features a wood and stone-style design. . The open design concept of this kid's playhouse will allow the children to play with their friends inside and outdoor! For an afternoon of extra fun day, the kids can use the kitchen sink, swivel faucet and an area for eating! It offers a lot of imaginative play with a working doorbell with realistic sounds. The open design gives a bigger place for multiple plays among active kids. An added exciting add-ons are planter boxes with drain holes! This Step 2 charming cottage playhouse is simply irresistible!


Has the perfect size for kids

Has an adorable design

Comes with stickers

It has a skylight

Assembly is a breeze

Great quality and durable

It can withstand the kids banging it


Check on the window boxes, it might be easily pulled off and emptied

Step2  Naturally Playful Storybook Cottage

Named naturally playful storybook cottage playhouse for its thatched roof and charming windows designed exterior. It’s your little ones cozy place of their own!

The interior is also interestingly detailed with a drop leaf table, kitchenette, play clock with movable hands and an electronic phone. The doorbell is functional too. Let the fun begins with this Step 2 naturally playful cottage playhouse!


Much bigger than you can expect it to be


Has exciting features

Has nice interior and exterior


Make sure the table is assembled properly

Step2 Playhouse Neat & Tidy Cottage

There are two version of this kind of cottage playhouse. Let’s go to the first one that came out of the market. It’s the Step 2 neat and tidy cottage playhouse. Another open design concept type of playhouse. The parents could easily see or talk to their kids while they’re at play. What makes it an enjoyable one are the features that comes with it. There is a molded table, faucet and burner for that pretend and imaginative play. This neat and tidy playhouse is durable, and spacious enough for multiple kids to make the most out of their playtime fun! 


It does contain a lot of interactive accessories

Very easy to maintain


Nice airy design


Check if other parts will snap together 

Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

The next variation that came out for the neat and tidy playhouse. The step 2 neat and tidy II playhouse still has the open design concept. There are more features in this one. This variation has features pass-through mailbox, realistic doorbell, molded-in flower boxes, kitchen seat, fireplace, wall clock, play phone, built-in shelves, grill,  kitchen table, faucet and built-in floor with drain holes. The list can go on! Plus it has a working dutch door! This step 2 neat and tidy II playhouse is really something! 


Looks very realistic

Has a very charming exterior that looks like stone and wood

Very sturdy

It’s bigger than you can expect

Has a flooring

There is also a small bench on the inside that my toddler can sit on.

This is a very good purchase with a lot of features


Just check if everything is in there

Step2 Naturally Playful Countryside Cottage Playhouse for Toddlers

Next is this Step 2 countryside cottage playhouses from step 2. The thing that sets this apart is its durable double walling poly construction. It is guaranteed to last for years. The Countryside Cottage brings the charming nostalgic look to today's backyard.

Comes with a mail slot, play phone, and realistic doorbell with a chime sound. This also has a functional dutch door and built-in planter box. The windows are large and it’s very roomy for the kids. The interior also features a stone fireplace, kitchenette with sink, swivel faucet, burner and clicking knob. Another cottage playhouse that’s jam-packed with lots of features. It’s a Step 2 countryside cottage playhouse that can’t go wrong!


Easy to assemble

Durable plastic

The doorbell and phone are awesome

The house has nice earth tones such as beige and brown


The only cons so far is the decals don't stick well to the plastic

Step2 Sweetheart Playhouse

A very cute playhouse and just by its name, it’s really a “sweetheart”. It’s too cute beyond words! This step 2 sweetheart cottage playhouse is super charming as can be. It looks like an attractive gingerbread-style cottage with its nice design. It comes with the following: an electronic doorbell with chime sounds, an electronic phone, a full-sized door, working shutters, decorative roof with skylight, decorative heart shaped flower pot. The convertible table top can be transformed to become a pretend outside barbecue grill with its clicking knobs. There is also a clock with movable hands for kids to learn how to read and tell the time.


Very Cute



Lots of accessories

Kids can multi-play


A little bit challenging to assemble

Step2 Seaside Villa Playhouse Kids

This seaside cottage outdoor playhouse has a charming front porch design that features a porch bench for kids to chill. The design is spacious and airy that you can see what’s going on inside. The colors of the exterior is nice and not so common. The come-ons include: easy-open dutch door allows easy access to kids, a kitchenette play set with molded-in sink and faucet,  and a pass-through mailbox. A great way for kids to socialize and bond in this Step 2 seaside villa cottage playhouse!


Has a realistic design that matches home decor trends.

Fairly easy to put together

The instructions are clear and easy



Some parts has no holes for screws

Step2 Courtyard Cottage Pink Playhouse

One more cutie cottage playhouse for young girls from Step 2. This pink and white with a little gray courtyard cottage is another open space concept. It looks very realistic and appealing especially to girls. It includes a lot of add-ons like a working doorbell, a flooring, easy to open dutch doors and a flower box below. This dainty playhouse is the perfect size for toddlers and pre-schoolers to enjoy a lot of pretend play together! 


Nice looking girly playhouse


Has a wide open design

High quality


It’s currently sold-out

Cottage Playhouse Pink Kids Outdoor Playhouses

This Step 2 cottage playhouse for supreme is small and cute. It’s a pink cottage for little girls. It will comfortably fit two young girls inside. This cute and charming neat and tidy inspired cottage will definitely make any playtime a delight for young girls. It has a working doorbell, mailbox, a phone and a sink. Looks like a real cottage that is awesomely cute!


Goes together very easily

Super cute


Easy to set-up


It doesn’t have a stool or chair

Toys R Us Cottage Playhouse

There are a couple of cottage playhouse available in Toys R Us Canada. One of them is this pink cottage playhouse for girls.

L.O.L. Surprise! Indoor and Outdoor Cottage Playhouse with Glitter

This awesome playhouse is perfect for younger L.O.L. Surprise! fans. Kids will have hours of fun playing either inside or outside with this playhouse's working shutters, doors, and mail slot. Young girls will love this play cottage. The colors are vibrant and fun. The cottage has fun realistic features, with stickers that are spot on for any LOL surprise fanatic. Assembly was by far way easier. It can be pieced together so fast and can be ready within minutes. The plastic is thinner than it but doesn’t affect how great the overall experience is. Provides hours of fun for children. 


Easy Assembly

Hours of fun,

Attractive Design,

Weather Resistant,




The plastic is not very thick

This is a unique cottage playhouse. It’s a Barbie themed playhouse that in inflatable!

Bestway 93208e Barbie Playhouse

This Barbie cottage playhouse is designed with brightly colored Barbie graphics, two built-in windows, and an inflatable floor for additional comfort. It reminds girls that there's no stopping them from dreaming about tomorrow. Because with Barbie, a little girl can be anything. It has safety valves, two windows and even an inflatable flooring for that added comfort and ease. It’s sturdy and made from high quality pre-tested vinyl.


It has nice graphics on the exterior

Very attractive

It’s something different

It’s actually durable

Has comfortable inflated flooring too.


Just put it away from sharp objects

This is another Disney themed cottage. This snow white cottage playhouse is rarely found.

Snow White Cottage Playhouse

This snow white playhouse is a cottage style with play chimney, trellis window covers, and hand painted details. You can choose your own colors to personalize your indoor cottage playhouse. This can also be used outdoor. This is your own custom made playhouse!


It’s customized

You can have your own personalized color


Built to last



A little bit pricey

Here are some more wooden cottage playhouses that can add color and joy to your backyards!

Craftsman Playhouse

A wooden cottage playhouse by Craftsman. It features high craftsmanship and considered a luxury playhouse. This cottage can make outdoor play a step above with its features. It comes with three windows with safety glass and screens, a flower box, a dormer, a child and adult doors, activity deck with rails plus a slide. It used a panelling that’s primed and just ready to be painted. The customer will provide for the paint and the shingles for the roof. Made from solid wood. And mind you, it has an exterior loft with slide and interior loft with ladder too.


Looks like a real cottage

It has a lot of areas for activities

Made from solid wood

Built to last long

Has a loft


You have to but the roof shingles separately.

KidKraft Backyard Wooden Seaside Cottage Outdoor Children Kids Toddler Playhouse

Another wooden cottage playhouse but this time from kidkraft. This kidkraft wooden seaside cottage playhouse is less hassle to assemble. It’s a very good looking realistic looking cottage. Kids will love to have pretend plays of cooking their delicious meals in here. This nice to look at cottage playhouse includes a play kitchen with included accessories, premium bay windows, four upper windows, plastic molded, scalloped roof in sea blue, and a doorbell that rings. Kids will fall in love with this outdoor cottage playhouse.


Comes with EZ assembly by Kidkraft

Has an awesome design

Nice scalloped sea blue roofing


Made from high quality wood

Has blue and white awning in the window


No reviews yet

Kidcraft Coastal Cottage Playhouse

The Coastal Cottage Playhouse by KidKraft is built to motivate a lot of imaginative play in a coastal cottage that’s full of fun and excitement. Kids will love playing for long hours in this cottage full with exciting details like a working doorbell, a clock with moveable hands and a functional mailbox. It has more accessories than wooden seaside cottage playhouse but they almost look identical. This one has a red and white awning in the window and even has a phone.


EZ assembly from Kidkraft

Very good quality

Clear instruction manual

Very cute cottage

Well-made house

Long lasting and durable


Check that all parts are there

Cedar Summit Greystone Cottage Playhouse

This cedar summit greystone cottage playhouse has very nice earth colors with a little touch of maroon on the rims of the windows. It looks so homey and like a real small cottage. It comes with a pretend play sink, clock, phone, mail slot, a flag holder and it has a chimney! Made from cedar wood. It really looks good and beautifully made. The dutch door and the widows are lovely too.


Very good looking cottage

Made from cedar wood

The colors are nice

Big enough for a couple of kids


It’s a little challenging to assemble

It’s currently sold-out

Backyard Discovery Summer Cottage All Cedar Wood Playhouse

This summer cottage playhouse is quite a fancy one. Complete with a wooden rood, vista type windows and a chimney. It does also has flower pot shelves, play burner, a toy sink and faucet. To complete the package, it has a full front door and a large side snack window with a bench. It even has side serving stations too for easy access from the inside or outside. Made from 100% cedar wood. This Summer Cottage Playhouse will remind you of a quaint little place tucked in the woods by a lake - the perfect cottage getaway! The panelized construction makes assembly quick and easy. The kids will love playing in this playhouse!


Nice looking wooden cottage

It’s cute




Sealant is a must for this playhouse to avoid fading

Bosmere Rowlinson A038 Swiss Cottage Playhouse

The Rowlinson cottage really looks like a house in a swiss village. It’s a large wooden cottage made from solid wood material. It has a large spacious interior with three windows, solid wood roof and a loft with a ladder. Comes with an easy to follow assembly instructions. Additional hands might be needed in putting up this awesome cottage playhouse.


It’s spacious

Nice design

Quality materials

Has a loft

The ceiling is high


It’s unavailable at the moment

Little Lodge Playhouse

One more cottage from Rowlinson. It’s a fun and stylish cottage. Nicely designed and made with the highest standard of materials. The following features are showcased in this cottage: windows made with plexiglass, skylight, has a dipped honey-brown finish, roofing with felt shingles, and it has a wooden flooring too. It also comes glazed with styrene which is safe for the kids.




Good construction

Easy instruction


The windows needs screens which you have to provide

Cozy Cabin Cedar Playhouse

A cozy cabin cottage for the kids to hang out. It looks like a real cabin and has a very good rustic design to it. Made from solid and manufactured wood. Has four windows, flower boxes and a mini porch with railings. It’s actually a great looking cabin that children will truly love. 


It looks really expensive

Nice porch with railings

Very easy to follow instructions

It comes with nice flooring

Attractive roof


Assembly requires at least 2 people

Thinking Outside Cottage Playhouse

It’s a full-size interactive playhouse. It’s large enough to create a realistic home with enough space to inspire creative and imaginative play. This is an outdoor dream come true that allows children of various ages to play together!

It’s totally a weather resistant structure that comes already sealed. It has the look and feel of a real homey cottage. The multiple entries makes it an easily accessible way to the play area. The double side doors provide an expanded play area with additional access for large items and make it more accessible for adults. There are a lot of realistic features like the four window boxes and two bay windows bring charm and style to the cottage. It provides the much needed warmth and versatility with the additional areas for gardening and other activities.  It is safe since the windows are made of a polycarbonate and not with glass. The shingle roof and pleasing color scheme are very attractive, while the dormer windows with shutters add character and style thus providing the natural light into the play space


Good quality materials



Safe construction

Heavy duty construction

It has structural foam floors and roof supports


There’s none at the moment

Country Cottage Playhouse

This a Large Country Cottage Playhouse that offers a perfect touch of southern charm. It provides the delight for kids that’s ready for their own play cottage. This awesome country cottage playhouse comes with a front porch, as well as the floor kit.  This beautiful cottage is equipped with attractive windows, flower boxes, a chimney, 3 dormers, a beautiful porch with railings and it has a loft too. It has doors foe kids and adult alike!


It’s a very beautiful country cottage playhouse

It’s a very realistic cottage

It has a loft

The perfect cottage playhouse


Made from top quality wood


You need to provide the shingles for the roof, the paint, the drip edge and three 4’ x 4’ posts.

Storybrooke Cedar Cottage Playhouse for Kids

Another cottage playhouse by cedar summit. This storybrooke cedar cottage playhouse is a very nice looking one. It comes with flower boxes, two play clocks, functional door bell, four premium windows and front and rear windows with decorative shutters. It also comes with a great looking door. Additional features include a play phone, kitchen with accessories and two chalkboard signs. This cottage is simply loaded with fun!


Made with 100% cedar wood


Easy assembly

Has a lot of features

Very nice looking


It’s currently sold-out.

Lauren's Cottage Playhouse

This is a large cottage playhouse that’s made from western red cedar which is a long lasting type of wood. Not only is this cottage beautiful, it’s also safe. It’s consisting of knock down panels for easier set up and assembly. It just needs to be screwed together and you have this amazing cottage!  This Lauren's Cottage Playhouse comes with four functional windows, four flower boxes, one non-functional gable window with shutters and a functional full Dutch door. A dormer roof and dreamy loft complete the grand cottage experience.


It’s grand and gorgeous

Has panelized walls for easier set-up

It’s a dream cottage

Made from western red cedar

Definitely sturdy and safe

It comes with a loft


It’s a little pricey but worth it

There are cottage playhouses that are made from fine cotton materials. These types could be used outdoors during those nice summers or any good weather day!

Win Green Large Fairy Cottage 100% Cotton Embroidered and Appliqued Playhouse

This cottage playhouse is made of 100% cotton fabric. It’s hand embroidered and appliqued to create the perfect backdrop. Gives a magical feel of make-believe that your kids will lovingly explore. It has delicate fairies, flowers and butterflies that are appliqued and embroidered on this 100% cotton cottage playhouse. This Playhouse is easy to assemble with a light metal frame. Comes with a storage bag is included for easy transport.


High quality

It’s  large

A beautiful cottage 

Very nice where the windows and doors secure back to allow them to be opened or closed

Made from thick cotton fabric


It can only be used outdoors during dry and not so cold weather

One more cottage playhouse made from cotton. Take a look at it.

Hasbro Playskool Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage

The Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage gives your little girl a dreamy house of her own. You make it more attractive by decorating it. This cottage offers more than enough playing space to little kids while indoor or even outdoor. It opens up into a two-sided play area, essentially giving your child not one but two rooms to tinker and play at. This petal rose cottage will give your little girl more imagination to a joyous play. Additional features are a dutch door with magnetic clasps which the kids will love, couple of windows, one of which has a curtain you can Velcro open, and a chimney from which you can see all the way through.


It’s super cute

It’s a two-part playhouse

This play cottage has a metal frames with zip-up canvas to make it stand on its own.

Highly educational

It has an adorable stove

Can be easily stored


The plastic joints are not very durable

Pottery Barn Kids Tent Cottage farm Playhouse

There are also a lot of very nice and dainty looking cottage playhouses available in Pottery Barn. The tent playhouses made by them are not easily found in stores. You can check their website for an update for their latest offerings of cottage tent playhouses. They have their own trademark designs and of very good quality.

Cottages that are tent likes are also a hit among kids and is a great option for a nice playhouse.

Pacific Play Tents 60600 Cottage House Play Tent

Pacific Cottage House Play Tent

The pacific cottage tent is a cute one with nice graphics designed in to it. It consists of mesh top panels and windows and has a tunnel port with roll-up flaps.

It’s large enough to fit three of more kids plus to house their toys and kiddie sized furniture. The vibrant colors of this tent makes it even more inviting. It doesn’t only encourages active plays but also imaginative plays as well. The poles are safely coated too. The Cottage House Tent also features a flap door that ties open and multiple windows with flap covers for excitement during plays and to add ventilation. It’s a perfect cottage tent playhouse both for indoor and outdoor. Lots of fun games can be enjoyed in this one. One of the best playhouse that is portable and assembly is a piece of cake.


Made from durable 70 denier polyester

Large for three kids or more

Has fiberglass poles

Fabric is super-high quality


Very sturdy

It's very resistant to marker or crayon and easily cleanable with a wash rag.

The graphics are professional looking


Check all the materials

Cottage Playhouse Pink Play Tent by PTLF

This colorful Cottage Playhouse is an adorable gift for all Girls. Fast and easy set up/breakdown with no tools required. The lightweight tent with water proof floor is great for indoor or outdoor use. Its small size is easy to fit in compact home or kids room. The playtent can be folded flat for convenient storage when it is not in use. 

Good price

Has a small size is easy to fit in compact home or kids room 

It has great landscape graphics 

It comes complete with sturdy poles for quick and easy assembly 

Fast and easy set up/breakdown with no tools required 

The tent folds flat for convenient storage when not in use 

You can clean it up easily with a sponge and mild liquid soap 

Made from 100% Polyester fabric 


The plastic tubes have the tendency to bend

Kids Play Tent Children Playhouse

It’s one of the best indoor and outdoor cottage tent on the market! One of the Toys for kids that is loved more than anything! Every child, toddler, and baby would love playing in it! It is their favorite toy at any time! It’s great that is portable. Take it with you to another house or patio any day. It consists of multiple entry ways, side windows and door that roll up which keeps them busy. This comes with a floor! Kids will simply love and adore their cute little house! It's their own little sanctuary! The tent is well made and big and easy to set up and light to move around. 


Roll-up Window/Door 

It collapses down easily and can be stored anywhere

It has a thick canvas type material

It’s safe

Very easy to put together

Good Quality


The rods do seem a little flimsy when you're assembling it, but it holds up nicely.

Corrugated Cardboard Cottage Playhouses

Melissa & Doug Country Cottage Indoor Playhouse

One of the popular producers of toys is the Melissa and Doug brand.  Their country cottage playhouse made from extra thick sturdy corrugated cardboard is roomy, vibrant and full of pleasing to the eyes artwork for its exterior. All the details are there. This playhouse includes front doors and shutters that open and close on each side, plus several playful details including a chimney, working mail slot, illustrated tire swing, and vegetable garden. It tremendously helps to develop multiple skills for your kids. It will aid in your kids imaginative plays, social skills and active development in plays. It offers a large space for those make-believe fun!


Awesome price

It’s has vibrant colors

Very well constructed to be made out of cardboard

it’s very durable!


You can add a carpet or rug for its flooring

My Very Own House Coloring Cottage Playhouse

Another cottage playhouse made from sturdy thick corrugated cardboard. It’s very easy to assemble and it’s safe and recyclable. It can fold down easily and can be easily set up too. The cardboard used is bio-degradable, formaldehyde-free, and eco-friendly. The good thing is that it also offers interactive learning to kids. They can be creative and color this cottage with their own choices of colors. It also has four windows, two mail slots and two doors. The childrens imagination will run wild as they try to finish and complete the coloring of this cottage. They can also have a practice in their judgement, taste and eye and hand coordination for this coloring playhouse. This set also includes eight jumbo markers that are washable and safe for kids. The only single-piece constructed cardboard playhouse on the market! It comes in 97% pre-assembled with 6 simple folds take you from play to put-away. 


It’s simply fantastic

It’s sturdy and tough

It’s big enough for a couple of kids

It helps with the creativity of the kids

Practices the eye and hand coordination of kids while coloring


Make sure its align after setting it up

How to make a DIY cardboard playhouse

  1. You will need large cardboard boxes, box knife, wallpaper or wrapping paper, paint, masking tape and/or packing tape, hot glue, double sided tape 
  2. Next is to tape your boxes together and draw and cut out where you'd like the windows and door to be.  Lay it down on the floor and cut out the shapes with your box knife.
  3. Make it more beautiful with paint on the doors and trim. Need to use your double sided tape or glue to stick the wallpaper/wrapping paper to the box.
  4. For the shingles you need to use hot glue to glue shingles on the roof and any other designs you'd like on the outside of your house.  

How to do a plastic cottage playhouse make-over

Dismantle the playhouse.

You need to thoroughly clean the playhouse prior to painting it. Wipe it and make sure the plastic is clean. It should be totally dry.

Wipe it again with a totally dry damp soft cloth. Pick a soft kind of clothing material or a soft cleaning rug.

You can now prime it before spray painting it. Make 100% sure your primer and paint or paint/primer is for plastic. Let it dry around 24 hours after priming it.

Spray it now with paint once it’s totally dry from being primed. Choose the colors that would make you and you kid happy. There are colors available that you can swatch first to be sure it’s the final colors you want to apply and use.

After painting it, let it sit around 24 hours before sealing it. You can seal it with 2 coats for more durability.

To spice it up, you can accessorize to add to its over-all look. You can add throw pillows, toys, and nice doormats!

You can adorn your playhouse now the way you want it to look like. There are really a lot of add-ons and accessories that you can integrate in the playhouse.

How to take care of a wooden cottage playhouse

Wooden playhouses needs to be properly taken-cared of. It only requires cleaning a couple times a year. Some woods though needs to be stained and sealed regularly every year or two

You can thoroughly clean it with a mixture for wood is 1 tbs. bleach, 5 tbs. mild detergent, and 1 gallon of water.  Make use a soft bristle brush on its surface.  You can gauge it after if it needs a fresh coat of stain or new paint.

It is a good idea to have a plastic cover for those rainy days. Try to put it someplace where it has good shade against too much sunlight.

Always check for rot and insects in a wooden playhouse, likewise with mildew and fungus.

Make your child’s growing up years unforgettable and memorable with these outdoor cottage playhouses. It will aid and help them grow-up to be mentally, socially, physically and emotionally equipped and developed. 

Cottage Playhouse is just one of the unique styles. You can read more about other unique outdoor playhouse styles here.

There are a whole bunch of cottage playhouses and we’ve provided a lot of details and information that will help you single out and choose the best one suited for your child. These playhouses all have their good and strong points. All you have to do is compare and see which will fit your budget, lifestyle, and kids’ needs. Also, what can help you bring up and raise your kid with the benefits of what a cottage playhouse could bring and contribute to it.