Best Indoor Playhouse (Rain or shine, kids can play all the time)

Best Indoor Playhouse (Rain or shine, kids can play all the time)

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best indoor playhouse

A home is a safe haven to every kid. It’s there first comfort zone especially while growing-up. In every home, there is a special place for every kid like their bedroom or their playroom. They deserve their own sweet space even before they started to walk and are just crawling.

This is where a children’s indoor playhouse becomes an ideal sanctuary to every kid. It can enhance an ambiance or an atmosphere suited for indoor fun and creativity. There are a lot of options. Their bedroom can be a place for their playhouse thus making it a playhouse within a cute and fancy bedroom playhouse. It can aid in stimulating the kids with their creativity, imagination and development. An indoor playhouse provides a safe place for your kids to play. You can have any themed indoor playhouse that will be delightful for any kid at home.

No need to worry because having an indoor playhouse will let your kids enjoy endless hours of active play and fun even if it’s raining, or it’s scorching hot outside and when it’s winter time! 

Advantages of an Indoor Playhouse

1. An indoor playhouse is perfect for any season and any weather conditions. It wouldn’t be a problem if the kids wants to play even if it’s raining hard or snowing outside and it might be too hot to go outside. They can play anytime in their indoor playhouse. No need really to worry that your children might get a cold or get wet during the rain or get sunburned on those hot days.

2. It’s a great way to spend their time in and learn about a lot of things. They could be creative and can be stimulated to expand on their imaginations more. They could do role playing, pretend play, crafting, drawing and a lot of growth enhancing activities indoor.

3. Let’s face it, it’s a safer place to play indoor and being active kids they tend to experiment more. Being indoor can lower their chance of getting injured. They are confined and has more restricted freedom to roam or run around. A lot of indoor playhouses have safety precautionary measures like ball pits, rubber mattings, soft cushioning, tumble mats and other sifter surfaces to lower the risks of accidents or injuries.

But inevitably and possibly, children needs to spend as much time outside as possible too. They also need some vitamins that could be gained outdoor like Vitamin D and some sunshine too.

4. Lower chances of injuries – As parents, sometimes we need to let our children experience new things that also helps in their development. This is where indoor playgrounds are often made with soft cushions, such as ball pits, tumble mats and soft stuff that lower the risk of certain dangers and injuries. Parental guidance and supervision is still necessary regardless it’s indoor or outdoor play.

5. It’s cleaner to play indoor. Your child won’t be exposed to mud, sand and dirt. It’s more hygienic when you play in an indoor playhouse. You often clean your house and that’s inclusive of the playhouse too.

For indoor playgrounds, there are still a lot of activities they can do and be busy with. For fun and safety play anytime.

Both indoor and outdoor playhouses have their own unique advantages. Parents can choose one or both playhouse that they want their children to be around. Maybe an indoor playhouse that you can also put outdoor would be great!

Benefits of an Indoor Playhouse

1. Indoor playhouses give the children the chance and the opportunity to interact and socialize with other kids thus developing their social skills and graces.

2. An indoor playhouse serves as a good choice for kids to be busy and active.

3. This playhouse promotes an active, healthy, physical and emotional well-being for children.

4. It aids the children in their vital and important skills such as creativity, imagination, expression.

5. It also gives a safe and secure environment for playing.

6. An indoor playhouse is a perfect alternative to keep the kids entertained, amused and delighted. They can run, jump, climb, slide and crawl in the convenience of their home.

7. It’s ideal also for intimate get together among playmates. The playhouse could be colorful and loaded with entertaining stuff and details.

How Indoor Play Places Keep Children Happy and Healthy

Using an indoor play space can help your kids self-regulate, increase their language skills and give them a boost with their social skills so they can better get along with peers, pay attention to instructions, and keep themselves in check behavior-wise.

Physical activity every day is a must, and rainy days, snowy days, hot days and cool days are no exception. This, however, doesn’t have to be anything organized like sports; it just has to get their heart pumping for at least an hour a day. That’s what’s so great about indoor playgrounds—regardless of the weather, you assured that your kids will have an outlet to play. Children can safely explore interactive play areas where they can navigate through mazes, troubleshoot problems, and explore their imagination through manipulatives and age-appropriate activities, as surmised by Kid Junction. When your children stay active, they have an easier time controlling their weight, decreasing blood pressure and the risk of diabetes as well as boosting their self-confidence. Additionally, regularly active children are more likely to have a positive outlook in life.

Studies show that kids who engage in regular physical activity are not only healthier physically but also mentally. Good physical fitness helps motivate them in school, to tackle each day with an alert mind and willingness to face problems head on. With these benefits, you should definitely help your kids stay happy and healthy through physical activity in all its many forms—whether playing sports, enjoying an indoor play place or just kicking a ball around in the yard.

Here are some of the Best Indoor Playhouses that can be beneficial, helpful and enjoyable to every kids’ play time:

1. My Very Own House Coloring Cottage Playhouse

This is a coloring cottage playhouse. Children can practice your artistic skills by coloring, painting, or putting stickers on it. They can even glue different creative decorations or cut-outs on it! Children can color it as much as they want. It’s a durable one, made from thick cardboard. It’s a heavy gauge cardboard that makes it so sturdy and strong. Made to be safe, engrossing and fun. Ensured of no tabs or sharp edges to keep the kids safe.

It’s proudly the only single-piece constructed cardboard playhouse on the market! It comes already 97% pre-assembled. It will only take 6 simple folds set it up and to put it away. Comes with a reinforced flaps along the bottom of the walls to provide a safe, sturdy coloring center.

It even includes a set of 8 Jumbo markers that are washable!


It is a lot sturdier than expected

It’s large when unfolded

It's an interactive playhouse

Easy to set up

It comes with markers and can be colored

It teaches the kids to be creative

A chance to be cool and to decorate your own cottage!

It holds up very well



Its life time cannot be compared to a plastic or wooden playhouse

2. Kids Teepee Tent

A great option for an indoor playhouse wherein the kids will love to have their imagination challenged. This tent inspired playhouse comes complete with doors, windows and a carrying bag. They will enjoy this cute space and it’s big enough to invite friends over. It’s more than 5 feet tall and it’s 4 feet across the bottom. Definitely an awesome teepee to have those fun plays! You can even put tiny lights to make it more attractive at night.


High quality materials

It looks expensive

The features are so neat like the pocket, flooring and the Velcro to close the front

It’s a heavy cotton canvas tent with fabric that won't bleed when washed

Comes with durable hardwood poles and connectors that look great and are very strong

There is a canvas string with capped ends to hold the poles when assembling the tent

A sewn-in floor to keep the sand and dirt out if you do take it outside

The enclosed poles prevent the tent fabric from sliding up off of the ground and leaving a gap

The stitching is outstanding

The poles are smooth, fit snug, and sturdy and not to heavy

All teepee pole holes are pre drilled

The tie is strong enough to handle tying the poles together


It’s smaller than expected

3. ALPIKA Castle Kids Play Tent

A themed indoor kids’ tent playhouse is great for it can provide your children with a fantasy play indoor. It could also be used outdoor. Materials include polyester and fiberglass for the poles. It comes with a carrying bag and play flags too! It’s a very attractive and cute playhouse to spend hours of play in.


Great indoor and outdoor

There is a see through mesh at the top that parents can check and see the kids while at play

Very easy to put together

It’s durable

Nice design


It can be small to some

4. Fantasy Fort Kit Playhouse

This a very new and unique indoor playhouse. The kids can have a blast building it. The final look of this playhouse will be dependent on the creativity and imagination of your kid. It’s made of wood like panels that are connectable. The kids can change the structure or design as they wish. It can be a fort now and a headquarters next. The innovative feature is the double sided Velcro tape that are easy to put and undo anytime! It’s a 32 piece building panels measuring 22” x 22” each. The material is heavy-duty cardboard carton panels that can be connected on any of their four sides plus the additional carton building clips that can support the second story.


Exciting way to create and build your own playhouse

You can buy as many kits as you wish to create more options

The wood like panels can hold up real well

Easy for kids to build by themselves

It’s safe

Innovative concept and design


The wood like panels are made from cardboard. It’s a faux wood design.

5. Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse

A small plastic playhouse can be placed indoor. This playhouse features an open design with a working door, mailbox and multiple play areas. It also comes with a kitchenette that features a stove, sink and working clicker knobs. There is workbench station too. If it will be used outdoor the sand and water table with accessories and cover will come very handy and useful. This can be put in any childrens playroom or bedroom as an indoor playhouse.


Very easy to assemble

Small but cute

The kids can screw and unscrew the slots of the fence which is fun 

They can pound in the play nails with the hammer.

The fence is also removable



It's sturdy but must be modified and screws properly

There are some areas for the screws that aren't there and needs a power drill to do it

6. Princess Castle Play Tent

A very cute princess castle playhouse that would make any child’s indoor play wonderful!

Your little princess and her friends will surely enjoy themselves in this castle like tent playhouse.

Made from durable cloth and poles made from plastic. Ideal for indoor, the backyard, parties and recreational fun! Portable ad comes with a carrying bag too.


It’s lightweight and portable with a zipper carry bag

Very easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap

It has a mesh windows to let the air in and to keep the bugs away

Small size is easy to fit in compact home or playroom

Comes complete with sturdy poles for fast and easy assembly

Fast and easy set up and dismantling with no tools required

Super adorable

Has poles that makes it a base for this tent to make it stands firm


It needs to be washed too after a period of time

7. NARMAY Space World Play Tent

Another exciting and nicely designed indoor playhouse tent inspired one. It comes in different themes to choose from. It’s suitable for children of all ages. Whatever girls or It's a great place to play, take naps, play hide-and-seek or just a quiet nook to rest or read Toddlers can just crawl around too. Kids will spend their time in the tent to playing, reading, sleeping and having their own private space. It comes with a durable polyethylene flooring to keep any water or beverage spillages from ruining the carpet or hardwood floor. This indoor playhouse tent can keep the children dry from the wet grass or surfaces. Parents can be at relax while the kids are playing. There is even a Tunnel port designed entry to have that space capsule door experience. Your child imagine being an astronaut in a space world.


It’s durable

Easy assembly

It’s large enough even an adult can crawl inside of it

Portable and convenient to carry around

Nicely designed


The elastic band that holds the pole sections together has the tendency to break easily. Watch for those first.

8. Step2 Toddler Corner House Corner Playhouse

How about a toddler’s indoor playhouse? The Toddler Corner House by Step2 is the perfect little indoor playhouse for the cute ones. This has an open design and it fits perfectly in any kid’s playroom. The toddlers can enter this indoor playhouse by using the oversized Dutch door to a world of interactive and entertaining hours of fun! 

It comes with play balls and can be dropped down to the wall maze all the way the miniature kitchenette sink. Playtime fun isn't only on the inside of the playhouse since as the garden gate also acts as an interactive add-on with spinning gears to enhance the fine motor skills of the cuties. This indoor playhouse is sure to bring tons of excitement to any household.


It can awesomely fit in a corner

Kids will be amused closing the door, taking out the removable wall, and checking the mail.

It’s a durable colorful playhouse

Compact and easy to move around inside

Great little indoor playhouse

Offers lots of fun play

Safe and stable

Great Quality  

It’s a space saving play house

Cute and functional design


The screws that have to be installed in order to put it up

It can be a bit challenging to assemble

Truly a lot of unique and different choices for an indoor playhouse. The ones on our lists includes the highly patronized, innovative, interesting, highly rated and uniquely conceptualized indoor playhouses. Try something new, something out of the ordinary and make your children lead happy and enjoyable lives with these amazing indoor playhouses!