Best Toddler Outdoor Playhouse for 1, 2, 3 year old (with Reviews)

Best Toddler Outdoor Playhouse for 1, 2, 3 year old (with Reviews)

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Giving your toddler an outdoor playhouse can be the most wonderful thing to do. Studies showed that as early as one, a child can have his own self-awareness. His sense of self is already present.

I guess it’s innate in every parent to want to give their child the best. One way is to let them experience the joy and fun of an outdoor playhouse like what you had before!

After all, toddlers from 1 to 3 year old deserves to have their own little kingdom too. Having their own sanctuary will help their growth physically and mentally. It will even boosts their creativity, independence, cooperation, and character building.

A healthy attitude and a healthy environment that an outdoor can provide for the children will shape them in the best possible way.

An outdoor playhouse will always be a perfect choice to foster kids to learn and enjoy the outdoors safely.

What can a 1-year-old do and be up to? 

Actually, a lot! Here are what’s expected of them at this age:

Social and Emotional:

  • Shy to people they don’t know and very dependent to parents
  • Accustomed to people they are familiar with
  • Can repeat sounds
  • Imitates people
  • Cries when they are left by their parents


  • Curious and can throw and bang objects
  • Can drink on his/her own
  • Can look at objects being point at


  • Responds to simple requests and commands and can say no
  • Babbles a lot
  • Dada and Mama can be uttered
  • Imitates sounds and words
  • Points to things and objects they want

Gross Motor:

  • Crawls a lot
  • Can sit on his own
  • Stands up by pulling himself up
  • Can walk by holding into something
  • Can stand for a bit without support
  • Capable of walking for a few steps without any support.

Fine Motor:

  • Can put an object in and out of a container
  • Capable of stacking 2 objects or banging objects together
  • Likes poking with fingers
  • Can put markings on papers

Best Outdoor Playhouse for 1 year old

Kiddey 3pc Kids Play Tent Crawl Tunnel and Ball Pit Set

This is an awesome play tent and tunnel kind of playhouse with a great price! Great for 1-year-old toddlers to have tons of fun. It comes with a crawl tunnel, pit for balls, teepee tent a toddler can nap in too, and a square tent to play in with other toddlers. It’s very easy to set-up and it’s foldable with a carrying bag that comes with it. It is safe and has no dangerous parts to it. Made from soft fabric paired with a breathable mesh design that adheres to the USA CPSC Toy Safety Guidelines.

What people love about this outdoor playhouse:

  • Very easy to set-up and take down.
  • It can be stored in a handy zippered carrying bag.
  • The teepee tent and square tent can be filled with play balls and toys.
  • Well-made and has good stitching to it.
  • Very safe and durable.
  • Toddlers can take naps in the teepee tent.
  • Comes in 3 pieces that can be apart or interconnected.
  • Made from non-toxic materials.

The play balls are not included in this package and you need to buy it separately.

How about a 2-year-old? What is a 2-year-old is capable of?

Social and Emotional:

  • Does a lot of imitating
  • Likes to be with other toddlers
  • Likes to be independent
  • Maybe defiant at times


  • Can search and find things hidden
  • Can group things into shapes and colors
  • Into pretend play


  • Capable of recognizing names of people and objects.
  • Utters phrases and two-word sentences
  • Can follow instructions 
  • Likes to repeat words
  • Vocabulary of fifty or more words

Gross Motor:

  • Jumping at one place
  • Can carry toys while walking
  • Runs
  • Tiptoes when standing
  • Loves to kick balls
  • Likes to climb up and down chairs, tables, and other furniture

Fine Motor:

  • Can build a tower of blocks with a few blocks
  • Uses one hand over the other
  • Can pour contents of a container

This is the perfect outdoor playhouse for a 2-year-old. Great cute cottage kids will truly appreciate and enjoy!

Best Outdoor Playhouse for 2 year old

Cape Cottage Playhouse

This contemporary lightweight playhouse will give toddlers maximum enjoyment that’s good for those pretend and active play. It really looks like a small cute house. Simply adorable! Made from fade, water, weather, and fire-resistant material. This Little Tikes outdoor playhouse is from one of the old reliable when it comes to toys and playhouses.

Toddlers will have a wonderful experience having a playhouse that has functional and working doors and windows. It even comes with a mail slot, working doorbell, and a flag holder.

A little tikes playhouse is simply a name to rely on for toddler’s playhouses.

What people love about this outdoor playhouse:

  • It’s easy to move and relocate.
  • Gone through hurricanes, rain, hail, and the hot weather but still looks new and withstood them all.
  • It’s great for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Very easy to put together.
  • Sturdy and attractive.
  • It can fit up to 4-5 toddlers

The only thing that needs to be looked after are the stickers that tend to peel off.

Another good choice is a climber and slide combination for a 2 year old. This little tikes climber and slide playhouse fits the bill.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Castle Climber

Your kids imaginations will be fuelled up with this deluxe Climber! It’s a multi-level climber that allows the kids to improve on their climbing skills. It includes two platforms, ladder, plank and slide. This little tikes outdoor playhouse with slide is an ancient castle themed one will greatly encourage imaginative play among the kids.

And for a 3-year-old, these are what he/ she can do:

Social and Emotional

  • Loves to imitate playmates and older people
  • Can play with taking turns among playmates
  • Can express affection and wide range of emotions
  • More independent from the parents

Learning and Language

  • Can match and identify objects
  • Do puzzles with few pieces
  • Capable of understanding sentences
  • Can follow orders
  • Common objects are recognizable
  • Sentences are now three to four words
  • Has the ability to say his/ her name and age
  • Uses pronouns

Gross Motor

  • Can climb very well
  • Likes walking up and down the stairs
  • Kicks a lot of balls
  • Runs fast and easily
  • Can pedal a trike

Fine Motor

  • Uses the pencil a lot and draws circles and lines
  • Can turn book pages by herself
  • Can build a tower using more blocks.

Best Outdoor Playhouse for 3 year old

Step 2 Neat and Tidy Cottage Playhouse

This Step 2 playhouse is another addition to this old time reliable maker of toys, and playhouses. This open concept playhouse made of ABS plastic has molded-in floor too. It’s airy, spacious, and provides a view from all four sides. It has a Dutch-style working door, molded-in kitchenette with faucet, a burner, and a built-in set. It’s built to last with a durable poly construction. It comes with nice accessories like: an electronic doorbell, play phone, and a mailbox. Truly a playhouse that is water and weather resistant that can be used anytime. It is non-toxic and safe for toddlers.

What people love about this outdoor playhouse:

  • It has a solid floor.
  • It doesn’t get too hot inside.
  • You can keep an eye on the kids.
  • Easy to assemble even by 1 person within 25-30 minutes.
  • Sturdy.
  • Can withstand dirt, rain, and wind.
  • Large enough for toddlers to play together.
  • Best investment for imaginative play.

The only thing to look after too here are the stickers. They tend to peel off as times goes by.

There are more Step 2 playhouses available in the market that are wonderfully designed and conceptualized. 

There are other Little Tikes outdoor playhouses that are highly recommendable for this age. One of them is this little tikes with a kitchenette.

Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

There is a pull up a chair and a table for an outdoor picnic!  For the creative kid chefs to use the window in the playhouse to pass meals from the kitchen to guests at the patio table. This little tikes has a kitchenette that has a pretend burners, oven, cupboards, and fireplace, as well as a working door, mail slot, and picture windows. It also includes play food, tableware, and pretend phone. Its electronic doorbell can make 6 different sounds. Another best outdoor playhouse the toddlers will never tire of. A refreshing new take of an open themed playhouse.

Teepee Tent for Kids

A very nice playhouse alternative for toddlers with ages 1-3 is a small playhouse tent. There is a specific popular demand for a teepee tent for kids. One good example is this large canvass tent.

Lavievert Children Playhouse Huge Indian Canvas Teepee Kids Play House with Two Windows 

Lavievert's teepee is made from 100% cotton canvas and has high-quality wooden legs. It’s long lasting, has insect and mold repellent, and it provides toddlers with enough ample space. This another type of playhouse that is designed to make it interesting and exciting to kids. Its design is five sided and has a garden window, a special door and two slip pockets for kids to put their outdoor playhouse toys. This is sturdy and it is guaranteed for a long time use. This teepee tent for kids is such a welcoming options for outdoor play. It would be wonderful especially during summer, spring and fall. Childrens tent playhouse are here to stay!

And if you’re wondering, how about a small cedar playhouse for your toddler? We would highly recommend this top rated among cedar playhouses. 

Backyard Discovery Timberlake All Cedar Wood Playhouse

One thing good about this outdoor playhouse made of cedar, is it’s reasonably priced. Your toddler of 2 years old can use it until he/she is 10 years old. This cedar playhouse comes with a wooden roof and wide viewing windows. It has a half front door with side windows and flower pot shelves. This cedar playhouse also comes with play stove, a toy sink, and a cordless play telephone.

To make every play more fun, you can add these exciting outdoor playhouse toys for your kid.

Outdoor Playhouse Toys for kids 1-3 years old

The Little Tikes Garden Table Play Set

Add this plant and water flowers set to your kids toys. Its basin can hold water; drain plug included. It has a real working watering can! The table-top design encourages multiple child outdoor play. The lid fits over back posts covering half the basin for a table work surface.

Its purple tray covers the other half of basin to keep everything covered up when play time fun is done. 

This outdoor playhouse toys includes four flower pots, two soil discs, two flowers, one tray, one sifter tray, one rake, one shovel and one watering can.

Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay Sand and Water Table

This outdoor toy has a large, dual-sided water table allows for water and sand play at once. The kids can combine the water tower and mountain cover to create a fun waterfall. When playtime is over, kids can use the easy drain plug to drain water from the table. This outdoor playhouse toy set includes: water and sand table, cover, water tower, shark scoop, shovel and bucket.

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

This is a fun pirate ship themed outdoor toy that includes a water play table loaded with spinning features. The water moves with a pump or by pouring water into the crows nest and viola you can aim or play with the water from the water cannon. The anchor can be raised or lowered by just cranking the handle. This is surely a fun outdoor toy you can add to any outdoor playhouse! One of the best outdoor playhouse for toddlers in the market that kids will simply love.

Starting them young is great since play is one of the most important way to learn. The kids will learn how to behave, to talk and think through touch, hearing and listening, seeing, feeling and developing understanding.

An outdoor playhouse is always a welcoming addition to every toddler’s life! It can truly enriched their lives with so many things to play with, a lot of fun to enjoy with, and learning both physically and mentally to help mold them into healthier, smarter, and better individuals!