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How to earn side income online?


I'm going to introduce myself. My name is Michael Chu. I live in Canada. I have two young kids. I'm a software engineer. I found Echofavor two years ago. I'm looking for a few business partners to join in my venture. I will provide training. 

Welcome to the Echofavor channel, and you can find the Youtube Video below. 

So who is this video for? 

As I mentioned before, the reason why I am doing this video is that we are looking for business partners. Obviously, right now is pandemic time. Many people have lost their jobs, and they have no income. 

And they want to make some income or earn some side income online, and maybe you have done this before, maybe you haven't, maybe you've tried, and it wasn't successful. 

So what kind of income can you earn on the side? 

Well, it's gonna take some time, but over time you should be able to make a hundred to even a thousand a month and most likely more if you work on this over time. 

But you have to understand that this may take some time, especially if you're new to this, you might earn pennies in the first few months, so it's definitely not an easy, quick money type of business. 

Who can do this?

Well, you can do this like part-time, so you don't need like a lot of time, or you can also work on this full time, especially once you start to see how this business works. Build a sustainable business over time. We can do it together long term, and also we can grow and sell this business over time. 

Who is this for? 

Someone who is hardworking, someone who is willing to put in the time, and someone who will follow through. 

Who is this not for? 

If you want to make a steady income right away, it's not for you. If you want to make some fixed income right away, it's not for you. There are many factors that will affect the income, so it will definitely fluctuate. Of course, we will try to help you get to a more sustainable and more steady income over time, and also try to grow the income, but it will take some time. 

So, before I talk about the specific of the business and what you can do, I just want to talk a little bit about why someone will even consider this business and what's happening in the industry. A few companies I want to mention is Google. A lot of people search on Google. In fact, they dominate 90% of the market share in the US and also substantially all over the world. 

So how did they make their money? They usually make money through advertisements. The next company I want to mention is Amazon. It's currently worth 1.5 trillion. For people who know Amazon, people sell stuff on Amazon, including Amazon themselves. Basically, it is an e-commerce platform, and a lot of people go on Amazon to buy stuff. The common theme here is people are doing stuff online. 

And so the connection here is how can we also make money based on all these things that are happening? Facebook is a social network platform. They are worth 725 billion again. Why am I mentioning these numbers is because they're so big. They're only getting bigger, and why is it getting bigger it's because more and more people are online these days. It's been almost 20 years or more since the internet bubble in 2000. Back then, everything was like just going up like rockets for any online e-commerce company, and then it busts because everyone invests in companies that don't really make any revenue. But what comes out of the bubble was that Google came out, Amazon came out, and Facebook. All these companies that are now the giants today because after 20 years since 2000, they're still making more and more money, and they're not a lousy company. They're actually doing real good work for people. 

And so they make money, and they're targeting many online consumers. In fact, billions of consumers online today, and so we're gonna want to tap into that business and figure out how we can take advantage of this business and do similar things that they're doing and how we can profit and monetize from that.

What is this business? 

It's basically a digital online business. 

How can we monetize it? 

Well, there are two ways. One is that you can become an affiliate marketer, and so you would market products that you don't really sell and that someone is selling, and then you become their affiliate partner, and then they will pay you a commission when there's a transaction made. 

The second way of doing a digital online business and monetize it is through display advertisements. And a lot of companies out there do ads on Google or Facebook or even Amazon. They pay to do those ads because they want to find consumers. So you can also help find consumers and get paid for display advertisements.

What is Echofavor?

We can be your business partner. We're gonna help you monetize, so you don't have to learn how to monetize. 

You started right away and monetize your business right away without learning how to monetize them. The second part in partnering with us is that we will become your technical partner even though you know, this is a business but we are doing it online business, which requires lots of technical skills in you know, setting up the website and so forth. We have a platform that allows you to create your website. 

And also, one important thing why a lot of online businesses fail is because they don't know how to do what we call search engine optimization, which is also known as SEO. And so we will help you with that as well. There's lots of content out there; you can watch many videos out there and learn how to do all this stuff up on your own, but for many people, they just want to make some income on the side, not having to learn all the details, especially the technical stuff. You can probably imagine many millions of sites goes up every day in the world, and probably 99 percent or more fail every day. If you didn't come from a technical background, the time and efforts for you to learn how to build a website and make it technically viable in the marketplace today, it's probably gonna cost you more time than money. We can become your technical partner in helping you because you are using our platform, we're gonna help and guide you through the problems. 

How much money does it take to do this business?

The startup cost is really low, at least you know, based on our partnership agreement. You will need a website domain name. The cost is about $25 US per year. You will need a secure certificate, which is also known as SSL certificate. It's about $100 US per year. 

We're gonna provide free hosting for the first year as a partner with us, so you don't have to pay a cent for hosting. We are trying to find a very good partner that we can work with.

What do you have to do?

First, we're gonna help you choose your business. Find out what area you want to target, and then we're gonna have to help you do some keywords research. Keywords are basically words that people are searching for. For example, on Google people want to search for something and how they can reach your website by searching.

The next thing is gonna have to write some articles for the idea of your business whatever it is, and we will guide you on everything the format to layout to picking the products that you want to have the entire market. 

And then finally you publish the articles it goes live, and then it is ready for people to find it. That's what you have to do if you don't have the time if you just want to invest in this type of business. We can work out a deal with you as a partner, and we will provide the content so the articles for your business idea. 

So what do you have to do next once you have done those things. Well, you wait for traffic to come. You analyze your article rankings to see you know are they actually attracting traffic because the higher rank will Google they say the search results when you search for something. If you're in the top 10 articles, you will probably get some sort of traffic and then we'll again we'll have to analyze that, and then we may have to improve some of those articles if they don't rank well. Finally, you may want to write more to get more traffic, so those are the things you have to do over time. 

How do you get paid?

I mentioned a little bit alien, so there are a few things that will happen right under where those articles couple of one thing is you're gonna have affiliate products, right? So when you market a certain product from some part and the third party like say Amazon, they're gonna pay you when someone buys something on Amazon. You don't actually even have to have the product right that's the beauty of this business is all online so digital you don't have to carry any product or even buy any product to sell. 

You to make it some sort of commission, and if the second way of getting paid is through advertisement, so again, like Google has ads all the time, so you put on the ads for Google you will get paid for it if someone actually view that ad or even they'll get pay more if you can click on that ad and actually follow through. 

So that's how you will get paid from those commissions and as a partner we're gonna split the commission. It's a win-win situation for both of us working together. 

How do you actually qualify as a business partner? 

You can contact us at, and just fill out your personal info, and we get back to you and go to your follow-up interview. 

To see you know, but your basis, you know, what your background is why you want to do this. We really looking for commitment and dedication. And then obviously once we agree on the terms partnership terms and conditions, we'll get you started. And we won't take long to get you started, but there is a lot of training to do. I'm willing to invest my time in training you to do what I do, and I'll tell you so far this year I have earned over ten thousand dollars on the side doing this part-time. So it's definitely viable for anyone you know, and the year is not even over. It is September right now, so it's definitely possible for anybody to earn some income on the side. We're gonna show you my way of doing things of the There is a lot of content on on YouTube or whatever you want to spend about this, but I'm just showing you my real perspective and again you were seeing more of me in the future of hopefully this is actually my first video introducing Echofavor. We are building a very strong platform right now, that's why you know, that's why I took us this long to kill come to the marketplace, but I believe there's a huge market for this. 

There is lots of business opportunities right now because everyone's doing online everyone's buying stuff online because opinion and so almost every product category of their exploding online right you look at all the business that are doing online e-commerce they're exploding, you know from brand names to you know, all your big stores. 

There's no better time in my opinion to start this business. In the next year, we will continue to see rise in e-commerce and online display ads. It's just gonna continue to go. The question is can you capitalize on this? I have done it, so I'm more confident than ever to be able to not only do it myself and over and over again, but I want to start training people on how to do this. 

If it's not clear yet, there's no cost. We're not charging you two thousand dollar training you or selling you a membership to you know to watch our training video. This is my own time. 

And it just started right this is honestly the first full year of real work that I put in, and also this is the new first year that I have really experienced growth as well as you know, having the confidence to actually start helping other people learn this business, so I'm looking for the right person out there who want to learn this business, and it's willing to pray in the effort and time to do it. Over time as I mentioned we may take up to a year before you start earning your first hundred or you and your first thousand dollars per month, but I you know, again putting all this time for almost no cost to you right other than you paying for your domain costs and the secure certificate right 125 dollar US. So I'm not gonna die it's not gonna be easy to pick you as a business partner you have to show me, you know who you are and why you want this so bad, and I'm willing to help you as a business partner, so once again, thank you for your time. 

Hopefully, I will share more information on this channel, so subscribe to this Echofavor channel, and you will get more information in the future, thank you.

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