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Xero Accounting Software

Xero Accounting Software
Xero is created by a New Zealand based company. Many businesses use Xero for their accounting needs as they find the software not just good at what it does. But, it is also an affordable software perfect for professional-level accounting tasks. It is known to have avoided the missteps that many people encounter when transitioning to cloud-based accounting software.


  • Devoid of those complex finance and accounting jargon
  • Equipped with a reconcile-as-you-go feature
  • Very scalable, which benefits a growing business
  • Features are constantly upgraded and updated automatically.
  • Provides an easy view to your financial position due to its clean interface.


  • Cannot be used for Exchange Trade Products or ETPs
  • Tends to become too slow when running on high volume sales
  • Offers only a limited expense claim feature
  • Multi-currency support is also limited
  • Does not have Debtor Chasing capability
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