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Income School - Project 24 - How to make full time income online blogging and vlogging?

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Income School - Project 24 - What does the course teach you?

Their course will help you build a site that makes money. They teach how to create helpful content that answers specific questions. The common ways to create content online is blogging and vlogging (video blogging). Their goal is to help you earn full time income in 24 months, and that you learn everything you need in less time.

What is the projected traffic and income for a niche website?
Income school has an excel spreadsheet with the projected traffic and income if you follow their plan in project 24.

You can download the spreadsheet directly from their website:

What kind of niche site idea should I do? How should I evaluate your niche site idea?
Income school has provided a sample of over 300 niche ideas and how they evaluate the idea by seasonality, traffic, evergreen, trend, info product and affiliate potential.

You can download the spreadsheet for free directly from their website:

       The following are free resources I have used from them: 

How to Go Full-Time with Blogging in 24 Months? (Video)

Where are the webinar resources for the Income School Project 24 spreadsheet and niche site ideas?

What is the average bounce rate?
80% bounce rate are normal for sites that are 1 year or 2 years old.

Can you use a link shortener for affiliate sites?
Link shorteners actually aren’t allowed for sites like Amazon.

Do you use "nofollow" on affiliate links?
No follow makes sense for affiliate links and is good practice.


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